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Joe Brodak is the only Pennsylvania Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Washington and Greene counties, PA. Joe Will Advocate for You and What You Fairly Deserve

Certification requires many steps. Click the link to view the criteria for certification: Article IX of Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act, Section 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, you should file an accident report the day of the injury. You should never assume an employer will do that on your behalf.

If you did not file a report on the day of the injury, you have 120 days to do so or your claim will be barred. To file a report, you will need to contact your supervisor and follow the instructions they provide according to the employer’s policy.

Under Pennsylvania Law, the employer is responsible for paying all medical bills for treatment of your injury that are deemed necessary and reasonable. If your injury reduces the number of hours you are able to work, or renders you completely unable to work, you will be entitled to sixty-six-and-one-third percent of gross average week wage. Unfortunately, the PA Workers’ Compensation Act does not provide for compensation for pain and suffering.

It is very important that you read it carefully to be sure it is accurate. Do not assume that the description of injury is correct or that all of the injuries are noted on the form. Also, be sure to check your gross average weekly wage.

If your employer informed you that they have a panel of physicians, you must use one of the doctors on the panel for the first 90 days of treatment, otherwise the employer does not have to pay for your medical treatment. If your employer does not have a panel of physicians or you have been treating for more than 90 days, you may use the medical provider of your choice.

Given the technical complexities of this law, it would be prudent and important for you to contact an attorney if you are experiencing this situation. If an employer’s independent medical evaluator has returned you to either light or full-duty work, but your medical doctor has not done so, you do not have to return to the job offered but an employer can and likely will file a petition to modify or stop your lost wage benefits all together. If your own doctor has released you to light or full-duty work, it is strongly advisable to at least attempt the job, while keeping your doctor informed of how the work if affecting your physical condition.

Although the employer has the means to cap your benefits after 500 weeks, the law does not have a strict limit regarding the length of your claim.

Under no circumstance should you sign either of these documents without first talking with an experienced attorney. Signing either of these documents will have long-term or permanent consequences for your case.

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