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People seeking legal advice often have a lot more questions than answers in the beginning of the process. Please feel free to browse these questions we frequently receive in our firm. They may help you understand some aspects of the complex legal process, specifically, deadlines and timeframes that may apply to you.

Worker's compensation laws are complex and include various time limits that must be strictly met to preserve your claim following a work injury. Generally, you must notify your employer of a work injury within 20 days. If you fail to give notice of your injury after 20 days you could lose some of your benefits. Importantly, if you wait longer than 120 days to give your employer notice of a work injury, you could forfeit all benefits. Once your employer has been notified of the injury, you generally will have up to three years to file a claim with the Department of Labor. Given these strict time periods, it is best to contact an attorney immediately following any work injury or accident.

If any medical condition prevents you from being capable of working on a full-time bases (30-40 hours per week), and is likely to do so for the next 12 months or more, you potentially have a social security disability claim and should call my office for a free evaluation of your case.

Under most cases, specifically with Social Security disability, worker's compensation and personal injury claims, fees to your legal counsel are determined on a contingency basis, meaning your counsel only receives payment if you do. The only costs we charge are out-of-pocket expenses actually incurred while preparing your case. Examples of such expenses include copying charges and fees for medical records. There is never a charge to review your case or for future discussions regarding your case.

Given that a phone call to my office will never cost you anything, you should contact me as soon as you have been injured at work or when a medical condition is preventing you from being able to work on a full-time basis.

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